External Storage Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting your V7 external storage integration

This page describes some issues you may experience when connecting in your external storage and registering items

The first place to check if there is an error is if you receive an errored response when registering an item into the platform

Registration Script

  • If you receive a 401 unauthorized error when registering an item then please make sure that your API key has sufficient permissions to register an item from external storage.
  • If you get an unfound error then please check that your team_slug, dataset_slug and storage_name are correct and have been correctly sluggified (all letters lower case and spaces replaced with hyphens)
  • Storage keys are case sensitive. Take care to ensure they match the filepaths in your external storage exactly.
  • If you receive a bad request error message then please make sure to check that the payload has been correctly formatted. You can see examples in our registration docs
  • Please make sure all item names for a given path in V7 are unique otherwise the item will not be registered. If items are in different datasets/folders then you can give the same name
  • You should limit items per request to 500 or lower


Once you've checked that your registration script is ok, you should take a look at the items in the platform. You can use the errors displayed on the item and dev tools to understand if there are any permissions issues.

  • If you have a permissions issue then please check the error message on the item. If it is a 403 then either the item may not exist (or have a different path) or there are insufficient permissions to access it. Please check that the storage_key path is correct and that you have given V7 read or read/write permissions for that resource
  • CORS permissions issues should show in the Dev Console (or equivalent). Make sure to add CORS as specified for your storage integration. This is the example for S3

S3 KMS Encryption

If you are using S3 KMS encryption then you should remember to include the following permissions as well as GetObject and/or PutObject:

"Action": [

S3 Object Ownership

To ensure that Darwin has access to all objects to be registered, please ensure that ownership ACLs are disabled. If this is enabled, objects written to your bucket by other accounts may not be accessible by Darwin:

Alternatively, you can enable ownership ACLs, but you'll need to whitelist the V7 server IP addresses in addition to the IPs of any users that will access the items in V7. Please get in touch with our Support team through V7 to get the list & discuss this further.

Read Only Specific Errors

There are some errors which are specific to read only configurations

  • Check that the payload for the item includes height and width fields. If these are included but incorrect, then uploaded annotations will appear in the incorrect part of the screen or incorrectly scaled.
  • In read-only, you will need to create your own hq, lq, and thumbnail files. The locations for these need to be specified in the registration payload and V7 will need read access to them. You can see some examples on our item registration page.


Item Processing Time

Most files will typically process in <20 minutes with some exceptions for larger files. If you are experiencing longer processing times, use your browser dev tools to determine whether there are permissions issues preventing the files from processing successfully.


Further Support

If you still need assistance then reach out to our Support by emailing [email protected]