Description of the "darwin dataset convert" option from the CLI

This command converts the annotations you have in darwin format to another format. The list of formats we can convert to are the following:

  • coco
  • cvat
  • dataloop
  • instance_mask
  • pascalvoc
  • semantic_mask
  • semantic_mask_grey
  • semantic_mask_index
  • yolo
$ darwin dataset convert cars cvat --output_dir /home/user/Annotations
[warning] skipping polygon
[warning] skipping ellipse
Converted annotations saved at /home/user/Annotations

Positional arguments:

  • dataset: Remote Dataset name.
  • format: Annotation import to convert to.
  • files: Annotation files (or folders) to convert.

Optional arguments:

  • --output_dir: The output directory


Conversion support

Do note that different export formats will have different support for darwin types. For example, in the example above, the cvat support was not able to convert darwin type polygon and ellipse annotations to the requested format. Other formats may have different types of limitations.