System and network requirements

Minimum and recommended requirements for using the V7 platform


Browser Performance

Experiencing slower-than-expected performance in V7? If you're seeing long loading times in datasets or the workview, check out the requirements below to see how your device stacks up to our recommended requirements.

If you're working from a device which meets or exceeds these requirements, reach out to our Support Team including a screenshot of the results from this speed test and we'll help investigate.

Minimum System Requirements

Meeting these minimum requirements will ensure that you can use V7, but performance may not be optimal.

Memory (RAM)8GB
CPU64 bit
SystemWindows 10, or MacOS Monterrey and above
BrowserChrome 109, or Firefox
NetworkSpeed: 12 Mbps
Latency: 100 ms and lower

Recommended System Requirements

Meeting these recommended requirements will ensure that your device can use V7 with optimal performance.

Memory (RAM)16GB and greater
CPU64 bit
SystemWindows 11, or MacOS Monterrey and above
BrowserLatest version of Chrome, or Firefox
NetworkSpeed: 100 Mbps and faster,
Latency: 50ms and lower