About Computer Vision Export Formats

V7's standard export format is Darwin JSON. It's a standard JSON format designed to be fast, versatile, and cover every annotation type in the industry. If you are using another export format, consider testing Darwin JSON first to facilitate your data's flow.

Format NameTypeSupportsNotesFile Structure
Darwin JSONJSONPolygons, Bounding boxes, Tags, Polylines, ellipses, Keypoints, Keypoint skeletons, Text, Directional Vectors, Attributes, Instance IDsFastest, Most versatile1 Per image
Darwin XMLXMLPolygons, Bounding boxes, Tags, AttributesNo video1 Per image
COCOJSONPolygons, Bounding boxesSlow, No video1 large file per dataset
CVATXMLBounding boxesSlow, Proprietary, No video1 large file per dataset
YOLOJSONBounding BoxesNo video
Semantic PNGPNGPolygonsNot re-importable1 Per image
Instance PNGPNGPolygonsNot re-importable1 per instance
Pascal VOCXMLBounding boxesOutdated, No video