Description of the "darwin dataset list files" option from the CLI

Lists all the files in a RemoteDataset. The default list has 3 columns: filename, status and URL.

$ darwin dataset files cars
ferrari-laferrari.jpg   review
peugeut.jpg      complete
opel.jpg       annotate
mercedez.jpeg   new

Positional arguments:

  • dataset: The name of the RemoteDataset.

Optional arguments:

  • --only-filenames: Only show filenames, omitting the rest of the columns.
  • --status STATUS: List of statuses to filter by. Status should be separated by commas. The list of available statuses is: annotate, archived, complete, new, review.
  • --path PATH: List only files under PATH. This is useful if your dataset has a directory structure.
  • --sort-by SORT_BY: Sort remotely fetched files by the given direction. Defaults to 'updated_at:desc'.

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