Bucket Migration Guide

Changing external storage buckets with V7

To migrate your V7 items to another storage bucket, follow the instructions below:

Moving between buckets in the same cloud

If you would like to move between buckets in the same cloud, add the resource based policy and CORS access to the new bucket. See here for AWS S3 details as an example.

There are then two approaches depending on if you will still be using the old bucket for any V7 storage.

Not using the old bucket for V7

If you are not using the old bucket again you do not need to keep a storage name for it. You can
reuse the same storage name for the new bucket without re-registration.

You will have to copy across the folder containing thumbnails, hq and lq frames across to the new bucket which will have been defined in your storage settings by Prefix.

From there, change the Bucket field to the new bucket name.


Storage Region

Make sure to correct the region if your bucket is located in a different data center.

Still using the old bucket for V7

If you are still reusing the old bucket for V7 files then you will need to click New Storage Integration then re-register files and add a new storage name.


Unique Storage Names

You cannot have the same storage name for two buckets.

You must copy across the file containing the thumbnails, HQ and LQ files with the same prefix as specified in your storage instructions. Missing these can cause degradation of service. If you are re-registering and have readwrite access enabled then this will be done automatically.

Moving between buckets in different clouds:

The process for moving external files between different cloud buckets is similar to moving between the same cloud with some extra considerations:

  • You will need to separately fulfil the security requirements for the new cloud you are using, and remove permissions if you are no longer using the bucket in the previous cloud.
  • The role/service principal/service account for V7 varies across the cloud products and needs to be adjusted accordingly.