How credits are calculated

This guide refers to our legacy billing structure, Credit-Based Billing. Teams that have signed up with V7 since mid-2023 use License-Based Billing which bills on the basis of number of users and workspaces, rather than credits and storage. To see which method your team uses, head to Settings > Plans. If you’d like to move to License-Based Billing, contact us! You can contact your Account Manager or our general contact here.

Each of V7's plans gives you and your team a set amount of credits to work with. When annotating, Credits determine how many Human Hours and how many Automated Actions your team can use within a billing period. Credits can also be used towards training and deploying Models.


Credit usage

Human Hours and Automated Actions cumulatively contribute to credit usage throughout a period. In other words, if a member of your team is using auto-annotate to label images, their time spent on those images plus the number of automatic annotations they make will contribute to their credit usage. Any model usage will add to credit usage

Human HoursHuman Hours count the total active annotation time in a team. 1 human hour = 1 credit.

When users are actively clicking to create or edit annotations, the time is logged. Any time spent looking at an item after a file is loaded will be recorded in the background. That time will be included in the overall time spent on the file once an annotation is made, or the file is sent to the next workflow stage. Time will not be logged while a file is loading, or if the file is open in an inactive tab.
Automated ActionsAutomated Actions are the total uses of an automation system, like running a neural network, or creating an annotation with Auto-Annotate. 100 automated actions = 1 credit.

When annotating images using the Segment Anything Model (SAM) 1 Automated Action is consumed when the model embeds the image (immediately after the Model Tool is equipped).

When using Auto-Annotate, 1 Automated Action is consumed whenever a new annotation is. Editing or re-running the annotation within the same image or frame is free.

Running a model on an image, regardless of how many annotations the output contains, counts as 1 automation action. This is also true when using a BYOM (bring your own model) workflow. Each image sent through the model stage will still count as an automated action. 100 images = 1 credit.
Model TrainingModel Training uses credits at a rate of 0.33 credits per minute of training (the estimated training time of any model will be displayed before training begins).
Model InferenceModel Inference consumes credits whenever a model is running, either as part of a labelling workflow, or when hosting a model in V7..

Model Inference starts at a rate of 0.03 credits per minute, and will increase if additional servers are added when starting a model. Model inference does not use credits if you are starting an externally registered model in a BYOM (bring your own model) workflow. You will still need to start the server instance in V7 though.

You can monitor your usage for the current billing period under Settings > Plans