External Storage

A guide on annotating files in your cloud storage with V7

Using V7's external storage integration, you can keep your data stored within a private AWS/GCP/Azure domain. Check out the diagram below to see how it works, and if you're ready to get started follow our step-by-step instructions to create the integration.


As the signed URLs can represent a large amount of data which needs to be loaded by the browser, the signed URLs are cached at an image level; which allows significantly improved page performance when the browser is able to re-use the images from its cache. The URLs are valid for 4 hours.


The external storage integrations are available on V7's Business and Enterprise plans. You can find out more about what each plan includes on our pricing page.


Whenever you're ready to configure external storage on one of supported cloud platforms, please follow the relevant "next up" link below.
If you're looking for API reference for External Storage management, please go here.