Getting Started

Using the Darwin CLI (Command Line Interface) is the fastest way to upload / download vast amounts of data to your dataset. It can also help you import and export annotations in various formats.

The CLI is part of the darwin-py package which also includes our Python SDK. This section of documentation will focus on the command line tool aspects.



Python Versions

Darwin-py has been tested for python >= 3.6 and <= 3.9 , while older or newer versions might work they are not supported.

pip install darwin-py

Once installed, darwin will be available from the command line.


Support for Python 3.6 is being dropped

Starting with release v0.8.0, Darwin-py will no longer support Python 3.6.
Please make sure you upgrade your Python version to 3.7.

Next up

To start using the CLI you need to authenticate first. Have a look on how!