Local/Hybrid Storage

How to use local/hybrid storage with V7

For our Enterprise customers, we offer the additional possibility of connecting files from your local storage.

In order to do this, we will use the Min.io service which allows you to host and store files locally in an S3 compatible bucket. There are two possible ways to set up your storage depending on whether you want to use a VPN or not.



Outside of downloading Min.io itself, setting up Local/Hybrid storage requires that your team's Min.io base URL is under https. V7's Min.io integration only supports Min.io with https.

With a VPN:

  • Download and setup a Min.io bucket
  • Add CORS headers to V7. Similar to the example in our AWS S3 docs. More details can be found here (look for cors_allow_origin )
  • Add the Base URL, bucket name and storage name to your storage details in Settings -> Storage
  • Setup access via a VPN and remove auth for the min.io bucket within this VPN so that the raw item URLs can be handled

Note: This is harder to debug as we will have limited access due to the use of the VPN

Without a VPN:

We will also need:
-MinIO base URL
-bucket name
-region (regions in MinIO are just because they need to be to comply with S3 protocol).

If you're interested in either of these options, reach out to your Customer Success Manager or Account Manager.