Convert images and DICOM slices into image sequences/series

In this guide, we'll walk through how images and DICOM files can be prepared and imported as a series, with each image/slice as a frame in a sequence.

Create an image sequence

To import a series of images as a sequence, compress them into a .zip file and change the compressed file's extension from .zip to .mp4. Once imported to V7, the images will appear as frames in a timeline in the order in which they were stored before being compressed.

Create a DICOM Series

To import individual DICOM slices as a series, compress them into a .zip file and change compressed file's extension from .zip to .dcm. Once imported to V7, the slices will appear in a series. The sort order is determined by the following attributes of the source file in order of significance: SeriesNumber, InstanceNumber, SliceLocation, ImagePositionPatient, FileName.

Please note that uploading DICOM series as a zipped folder will prevent the names of the underlying slices from being accessible later on. Only the name of the folder itself will be accessible.

If you need access to the names of the slices after upload, you'll need to instead upload them via API registration. Instead of creating a .zip archive, pass all slices keys as a list keys in payload sent to Register Uploading Items .

DICOM tag requirements

V7 processes DICOMs and therefore requires some DICOM tags to be present in the data. A list of these tags is below.

TagKeywordUsed by V7Required for upload
(0002, 0010)Transfer Syntax UIDYesYes
(0002, 0002)Media Storage SOP Class UIDYesYes
(0002, 0003)Media Storage SOP Instance UIDYesYes
(0002, 0012)Implementation Class UIDYesYes
(0028, 0002)Samples per PixelYesYes
(0028, 0010)RowsYesYes
(0028, 0011)ColumnsYesYes
(0020, 0013)Instance NumberYesYes
(0028, 0100)Bits AllocatedYesYes
(0028, 0101)Bits StoredYesYes
(0028, 0102)High BitYesYes
(0028, 0103)Pixel RepresentationYesYes
(0020,000E)Series Instance UIDYesYes
(0028, 1052)RescaleInterceptYesNo
(0028, 1053)RescaleSlopeYesNo
(0028, 0004)Photometric InterpretationYesNo
(0028, 1050)Window CenterYesNo
(0028, 1051)Window WidthYesNo
(0028, 0030)Pixel SpacingYesNo
(0020,0032)Image Position PatientYesNo
(0020,0037)Image Orientation PatientYesNo
(0020,0011)Series NumberYesNo
(0020,1041)Slice LocationYesNo
(0018,6011)Sequence of Ultrasound RegionsYesNo
(0008,103E)Series DescriptionYesNo