Make changes in bulk

In this guide, we'll take a look at which changes can be made to the images and videos in your datasets in bulk, and how to make them.

To call up the bulk change menu, select a single item in the Data page of a dataset. You'll be greeted with the panel below:

Select all

This one's pretty straightforward - hit Select all and every item within your dataset will be highlighted. You can also select a subset of images in a row by holding Shift after selecting one image, and then selecting the final image in sequence.


Hitting Archive will remove any selected images from the Data page of your dataset. Archived images will still be stored under the Archived filter, and can be restored at any time.


Selecting one or more items from the Data page will allow you to assign to any of the users that have access to your dataset.

Any items in a New status that are assigned to a team member will be moved into the first stage of your dataset's workflow.

Any items in a Complete status, will be moved to the first stage of your dataset's workflow.

Items in all other statuses will maintain their current status when they are reassigned.


You can edit selected items' status by marking them as as complete, advancing them 1 stage, or resetting their workflow


You can move selected images in bulk to existing folders, or create a new folder by adding a new folder name to the Folder field and hitting Enter.


Priority can be set or removed for any images that have been selected.

Choose from a priority level between 1-5, or create a custom level by typing any digit into the Custom field. You can remove priority in bulk by selecting - .

Priority can be used to determine how new tasks are assigned to your team by setting the assignment order in the Settings page of your dataset.