Set up a labelling workforce

If you need a hand labelling your data, the fastest and most secure way to do so is through V7's labelling service.

V7 will set you up with a SOC 2 compliant team that you can communicate with directly through V7. Within about 48 hours of your request, you can have a team of 50+ labellers ready to go, and if you've got a tricky use case, we can help source the specialist labelling staff your project needs.

All you need to do is set up a sample dataset and we'll take it from there.

Create a sample dataset
To give you an idea of the quality and throughput of our labelling service (and for us to learn how to label your data):

  1. Create a new dataset using these instructions.

Add a sample of images/videos that are representative of your overall dataset, and provide the team with clear instructions on how the labelling should be done. This can be added to the dataset's Settings page, or sent to us as a .pdf or word document.

Unless your use case is very simple, a labelled sample image or video will help give the team additional context.

  1. Fill in our Annotation Services Request Form

Complete the form here to tell us about your data and your objectives.

  1. Kick back for ~48 hours

We'll add a Workforce Manager to your team who will scope out the work, and add the right workforce to get the sample prepared. Once they've completed the sample, we'll give you a chance to review their handiwork, and provide you with a quote for any additional work you'd like them to take on.


🔒 Security

V7's labelling workforce is SOC 2 compliant. Neither the workforce manager, or the workers on your team will be able to download data from your account, view datasets other than those to which they are assigned, or see user information from outside their team. Check out our User Roles guide for more information.