Project Setup

Whether you're setting up your first project on V7 or your hundredth, check out our quickstart guide on project setup below:

Welcome to V7 Darwin! In this tutorial, we'll guide you through the essential steps to set up your next machine learning project.

0:00 - Introduction to V7's training data pipeline
0:12 - Creating a new dataset in V7
0:27 - Importing your data and integration options
0:57 - Adding annotation classes and specialized class types
1:21 - Setting up your dataset's workflow
2:07 - Preparing your workforce and best practices for annotation guidelines
2:41 - Training models in V7 and integrating them into your workflow

We'll discuss creating datasets, describing classes, setting up data labeling workflows, and assigning tasks. Our objective is to empower you with the knowledge and tools to train and manage AI models within the V7 environment and within your existing technological infrastructure.

Resources mentioned in the video: