The Sampling Stage


The Sampling Stage allows you to send a percentage of randomly selected images through different paths in your workflow.

The biggest benefit of The Sampling Stage is it enables automatic, and dataset-specific quality control workflows in the V7 Platform.

This page describes how to best use The Sampling Stage in your workflows.

How to Setup a Sampling Stage

  1. Add the Sampling Stage to your workflow in the workflows editor.
  2. Configure what percentage of randomly selected item that should go through each edge of the stage by dragging the adjuster or typing a value into the box
  3. Connect the pathways and hit save and apply

How V7 Randomly Samples

The V7 algorithm assigns images to each sample based on random number generation. Therefore, if you set a percentage of 20% for sample A and 80% for sample B, it is expected that on a set of 100 images you may not get exactly 20 images in sample A and 80 images in sample B.

To be clear, you should only expect to see small divergences from your chosen ratio - a 20/80 split could produce 17/83. It will never, for example, produce a 50/50 output.

Recommended Use Cases

Quality Assurance on Large Datasets
When you have a very large dataset it may not be possible, or necessary to have an expert reviewer look at 100% of all of your images.

However, with quality being critical above all else, you can use the Sampling Stage to make sure a project-specific percentage of all images are automatically sent for review.

Automated Review of Model Outputs
By combining V7's Model Stage and Sampling Stage it is possible to automate a random human review of model performance - helping you to identify areas where the model may not be performing.



As an automated stage, the Sampling Stage requires files to be assigned to it in order to be triggered.

As a result, if a Sampling Stage is the first stage after the Dataset Stage in a workflow, it will be necessary for a User, Admin, or Workforce Manager to assign files to the stage manually to kick off the workflow. Workers will not be able to self-assign files until they have passed through the Sampling Stage