Worker Annotation Guide

Annotate faster and more accurately with our annotation guide for users with worker-level permissions

Whether you're a user with Worker level permissions, or you're leading a project with a team of workers, use this guide to get trained up on V7's annotation tools fast.

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Table of Contents


3 Who is this guide for?

Getting Started

4 Annotation basics

Image Annotation

11 Image Segmentation (Polygon Annotation)
19 Image Object Detection (Bounding Box Annotation
23 Image Pose Estimation (Keypoint Skeleton Annotation)
27 Image Classification (Tag Annotation)

Video Annotation

31 Video Object Detection (Bounding Box Annotation)
36 Video Segmentation (Polygon Annotation)
43 Video Classification (Tag Annotation)
47 Video Pose Estimation (Keypoint Skeleton Annotation)
52 Document Processing
57 Other Annotation Types

Feedback & Progress

59 Use Comments & Complete Tasks