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Webhook allows your application to receive updates in realtime when certain events occurs on Darwin. This is usually faster than polling for updates.

We are currently building out support for more event types, if you are not seeing an event you need in the list below, please reach out to us and we might be able to prioritize it.

Event type




Triggered when an item in a dataset changed into the complete status.


Life cycle

When an event is generated on Darwin, the system looks for any webhooks that are associated with the current dataset and event type. This webhook (which is an URL) will then receive a POST request containing the event_type + payload. Darwin expects an empty 2XX reply, any other return code will be considered an error and might lead to a retry of the event a few minutes later.

    "event_type": "workflow_complete",
    "payload": {
        "dataset_id": 1,
        "filename": "letter.png",
        "annotations": [
                "class_name": "FROM",
                "data": {
                    "bounding_box": {
                       "x": 455,
                       "y": 300,
                       "w": 100,
                       "h": 20
                    "text": {
                        "text": "Mail office"

See https://docs.v7labs.com/reference/darwin-json for details on the annotation format.


Multiple webhooks

There might be several webhooks applicable for an event, in that case each webhook will be fired.

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