Description of the "darwin dataset report" option from the CLI

Prints a report about the annotators and the work they performed in CSV format.

$ darwin dataset report cars
2021-07-05,312,cars,181,[email protected],James,hudson,21,0,1,1,0,0
2021-07-05,312,cars,172,[email protected],Pedro,Martins,257,3,6,8,2,0
2021-07-05,312,cars,127,[email protected],Nikola,Begedin,11,1,0,0,1,0
2021-07-05,312,cars,2,[email protected],Andre,Azzini,65,4,0,0,4,0

Positional Arguments:

  • dataset: Name of the Remote Dataset we want to report on.

Optional arguments:

  • -g {day,week,month,total}, --granularity {day,week,month,total}: Granularity of the report.
  • -r, --pretty: Prints the results formatted in a rich table.


User activity processing

User activity is processed every hour, so if a user creates some annotations, his/hers work won't be shown in the report until the hour passes.

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