1.0 to 2.0 Migration - What's new? What's changing?

Users that signed up prior to Q3 2022 will be slowly migrated from the 1.0 version of of the V7 platform to V7 2.0 in cohorts.

Check out the guide below to get to know your way around V7 1.0 If you've already been migrated, or if you've been notified of the upcoming migration and would like a tour of the new version of the platform.

What's changing?

Workflows 2.0

Check out our Workflow guides to learn how to create new workflows with the new workflow creation wizard, and get an idea for how to use each of the workflow stage types available.

V2 of the API

Alongside the changes to the V7's UI, the API has been upgraded from V1 to V2. If you and your team make use of the V7 API, SDK or CLI, then please refer to this guide to get a better understanding of the changes to the API.

Darwin JSON 2.0

We’re replacing the Darwin JSON format with Darwin JSON 2.0 - an updated version of V7’s export format which now includes support for Slots, enabling your team to render multiple files at once on one image canvas.

Following the migration, Darwin JSON 2.0 will become the default export format in the SDK and UI. Be sure to review our examples of the Darwin JSON 2.0 format here.

Storage calculations

Where storage was previously calculated as a number of “Managed files” (files in workflows or with annotations counted towards your team’s storage limit), from migration onwards storage will be simplified - all files imported to V7 will count towards your team’s storage limit (1 file = 1 image, 1 video frame or 1 DICOM slice. Video frames above 5fps will be counted as 1/6th of a file).

How will my team be impacted by migration?

Migration will be run separately on each dataset in your team. While a dataset is being migrated, it will be temporarily unavailable to your team for several minutes, depending on the dataset size. We will be making a 1.0 backup of each dataset that we move to 2.0. Any files that were previously stuck in an Uploading or Processing status prior to migration will not be migrated to 2.0. Once your team has been migrated, any of your team members using the Worker permissions level will manage assigned work from the Workflows tab, rather than the Datasets tab. Here's a short video explanation to share with them.

Which features will not be migrated?

Webhooks are being replaced with the new Webhook Stage. DICOM Layouts are being phased out and replaced with support for Slots, which will allow for multiple files (and multiple filetypes) to be rendered on the same image canvas.

The consensus stage beta will be replaced with a rebuilt consensus stage. We're also changing assignment rules slightly - The Any user option will be dropped from the assignment options in a workview stage. Instead, admins can select specific annotators or allow Anyone to assign themselves work. Finally, you can use the sampling stage to select percentages of files to be sent to the next stage, but we've dropped the ability to do this from a user level - all percentages are set at a stage level.