Upload images or videos with darwin dataset push

$ darwin dataset push my-team/test /path/to/folder/with/images
88%|█████████████████████   | 2301/2301 [00:01<00:10,  1.27it/s]

The optional --path argument can be used to move the uploaded files into the specified directory.

$ darwin dataset push my-team/test --path animals/cats ./cats/*
67%|█████████████████       | 66/99 [00:01<00:10,  1.29it/s]

You can optionally specify the extraction rate by adding --fps <frame_rate>.
To use the intrinsic frame rate of the video either leave out the fps flag or use --fps native.

$ darwin dataset push my-team/test --fps 15 my_video.mp4
100%|████████████████████████| 1/1 [00:01<00:00,  1.27it/s]

The optional parameter -e/--exclude argument can be used to indicate file extension/s to be ignored from the data_dir (e.g.: -e .jpg).


Supported extensions

Supported extensions are .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .jfif, .bmp, .tif for image files, and .avi, .bmp, .mov, .mp4 for video files.