Introduction to the V7 Darwin REST API

The Darwin API allows you to add, update, delete, list, etc. objects within the V7 Darwin product. This can range from listing items in a dataset to creating a new workflows.

The following documentation describes the different API calls you can make as well as introducing you to the Darwin JSON schema used for imports and exports.



If you are new to the Darwin API or need help with some of the terminology or params then it is worth checking out our Concepts section

You can also reach out to our Support team who will be happy to help with your query.

Getting Started

Generating an API key

API keys can be generated from the frontend side of Darwin.

Using your API key

Without an API key, any authenticated requests will result in a 401 Unauthorized error, and any differently authorized requests (i.e. made with an API key encoding a different set of permissions) will result in a 403 Forbidden error.

You can of course send API calls using any HTTP client. In order to use your API key, remember of setting the Authorization header of your request as ApiKey <hash>, where hash is your API key hash.