Getting Started

What is Client?

As you probably know, is a tool that allows you to perform actions on your V7 assets either via a CLI or programmatically. SDK, allows you to do the second task. It is a SDK that you can import into your own Python code as any other library and then use it as part of your application.

The following snippet illustrates how you can do this:

import darwin.importer as importer
from darwin.client import Client
from darwin.importer import get_importer

client = Client.from_api_key(API_KEY)

dataset = client.get_remote_dataset(dataset_identifier=dataset_identifier)

parser = get_importer(format_name)

importer.import_annotations(dataset, parser, annotation_paths, append=true)

There is a lot to unpack here, so in the following sections we will be covering the following topics:

  • Authentication
  • Creating datasets
  • Listing datasets
  • Exports/Releases (download data)
  • Importing data from different format
  • Uploading data to datasets
  • Annotation Classes
  • PyTorch Integration

We hope you stick around for the journey and don't forget you can always contact our support team and suggest edits to our documentation if you feel some areas need clarification!