This page will help you get started with Wind.

The Wind v2 API enables you to register, train and run inference on frameworks that implement a Gust Client.

This documentation describes the available API calls and properties of the returned objects. If you have any questions, please reach out to [email protected].


At this time the Wind API is in development. This means that the way it works and the data it returns may change at any time.

Getting started

Generating an API key

API keys can be generated from the frontend side of Darwin.

Using your API key

Without an API key, any authenticated requests will result in a 401 Unauthorized error, and any differently authorized requests (i.e. made with an API key encoding a different set of permissions) will result in a 403 Forbidden error.

You can of course send API calls using any HTTP client. In order to use your API key, remember of setting the Authorization header of your request as ApiKey <hash>, where hash is your API key hash.