Getting Started with the CLI


Install the Darwin SDK (including CLI and Python libraries) with

pip install darwin-py


To perform remote operations on Darwin, you first need to authenticate. Authentication requires a team-specific API-key.


Set up a Darwin account

If you do not already have a Darwin account, you can contact us and we can set one up for you.

Use the darwin authenticate command to start the authentication process.

$ darwin authenticate
API key: ***********
Make example-team the default team? [y/N] y
Datasets directory [~/.darwin/datasets]: 
Authentication succeeded.

You will be then prompted to enter an API-key, whether you want to set the corresponding team as default and finally the desired location on the local file system for the datasets of that team. This process will create a configuration file at ~/.darwin/config.yaml. This file will be updated with future authentications for different teams.


API key rights

The API key rights selected when requesting the key determine which of the CLI commands are allowed. If the key has insufficient permissions for an action, an error will be shown.


Using Team Slug and Dataset Slug

Some of the CLI commands will require you to enter a team name and/or dataset name. In these cases, you should use the sluggified version. This is usually a lower case version with hyphens instead of spaces but you can confirm by using the information here.