October Update

A series of cards from V7 Darwin

Hold on, wasn't the last update called the August update? We decided to roll naming forward by 1 month since we release these updates between months, and it's better to name it after the month to look forward to!

Welcome to the October 2020 update.

A Fast Ellipse Tool

We developed an ellipse tool that doesn't drive users crazy. Set 1 diameter first, then move a second anchor while rotating the oval if needed. It's quite intuitive, and we hope you will like it too.
A few tips when trying it:

  • Click and hold a point on the edge to reshape and rotate the ellipse.
  • Hold SHIFT to increase its scale along the diameter you are pulling
  • Hold ALT to move two radii along the centroid.
  • Hold CTRL to reset its shape to a perfect circle.


DICOM ultrasounds in RGB and YBR color space are now supported! Alongside the new windowing features and color maps, this ought to make sonography researchers happy.

RGB Image & Video Windowing

One of my personal favourites. Open the Image Manipulation panel to access a new set of controls for light windowing. This feature previously only available in DICOM is can now be used in regular image & video to enhancethe visibility of dark or light images and reveal invisible details in microscopy data.

Color Maps

Magically turn your data into a spectral view. Combined with windowing, you can use this feature to easily spot faint defects, faded text, or minute gradient changes and label them to create super-human vision AIs.

Hide by Author and Class

A new menu was added to workview allowing you to
- Hide all labels of a specific class.
- Hide all labels made by a specific user
- Delete all non-hidden annotations in one click.

Superior Polygon Interpolation

Any-shape Polygon interpolation is HARD! We think we finally got it to a perfect state. It is now switched on by default for any videos, so go and create your real-time semantic segmentation videos!

A series of cards from V7 Darwin

Too many updates to fit in the previous post. Here are a couple more:

Rename, Reorder Stages

Use this to give names to workflow stages, like "Tagging stage" or "Doctor pass 1". You can also shuffle them around! Your sampling settings are carried with yoru stage as you relocate it.

Sort Datasets by Filename

Nothing more to add to this one! This is a preview of new task-assignment filters to come soon.

More Features and Improvements

 New Features  


 You can now select Native as a frame-rate option for video.


 A checkbox in Dataset Settings now allows the same Worker to complete more than 1 stage on an image (eg Annotate, Review)


 You can now copy classes across datasets!


 You can upload tag labels to video using the new importer csv_tags_video


 You can download images via CLI maintaining the folder structure using the --folders flag


 Statistics view is now available for Workers.


 The COCO export now works with bounding boxes

 Performance Improvements  


 Disconnections now warn the user


 The Tag Applier in workview now re-sizes more intelligently based on how many tags are present on the image and within the dataset.


 Countermeasures for brute-force login access have been improved.


 V7 Darwin is now monitors threats via AWS GuardDuty (in addition to our existing security stack)


 You can now delete export versions from the interface.


 Video exports have been sped up 10x


 Listing datasets has been sped up


 Stages are now correctly assigned to the editor when removing a tag.


 Generating an export that won’t support the selected file types now presents a proper error message.




 Fixed an issue with tiling ultra-large images that affected SVS files.


 Videos are now correctly sortable by file-size


 Fixed an issue where video exports were including unnecessary metadata and caused interpolation issues.