October 2021 Update

October 2021 Update

October 26, 2021
A series of cards from V7 Darwin

Train an Object Detection Model

Train an object detection model from within V7 on any dataset with at least 100 instances of the polygon or bounding box classes that you wish to train on. Easily set up a model-assisted workflow and automatically create thousands of bounding box labels in minutes. 

Manage Multiple Teams with Partner Teams


V7's Enterprise plan now gives you the ability to manage multiple, separate "child" teams from a single "parent" team.

Auto-Start Your Models


Model-assisted workflows have never been easier. Enable Start when invoked to automatically spin up a trained model as soon as a request is made. 

Integrate with Azure and GCP Storage


Slotting in alongside AWS S3 storage, V7 has added the option to store and register files from Azure and GCP buckets for teams on our Business plan and above.

Sign in With Google

It's never been easier for team members with Google accounts to securely log into V7. 

More Features and Improvements

New Features

🆕 Downloads of the .csv report in the Overview page of any dataset are now version-controlled. 

🆕 Webhook payloads for completed files are now harmonized with the standard Darwin JSON format. 

🆕 DICOM and video files are now supported for use in workflows with consensus stages. 

🆕 Fetching dataset information via the CLI now reveals a progress bar. 



🛠 Fixed an issue that temporarily prevented some of the Support/Feedback button from being clickable.
🛠 Fixed a display issue that caused incorrect user roles to appear in the Team page under Settings. 
🛠 Fixed an issue that temporarily caused Workforce Managers to no longer have access to the Data page of assigned datasets.
🛠 Fixed an issue in the Annotators page that caused the download button to disappear.
🛠 Pre-emptively wrote a fix to ensure that video subannotations are always included in the correct section in Darwin JSON exports.
🛠 Fixed an issue that prevented DICOM files that were not zipped together into a study from importing succesfully.
🛠 Fixed a recurring 500 error when processing the thumbnails of files imported from Azure Blob Storage.
🛠 Fixed an issue that prevented subannotations (Instance IDs and Attributes) from uploading alongside imported annotations.
🛠 Fixed an issue that prevented some invitations to create new trials with V7 from being successfully accepted.
🛠 Removed the previous statuses of archived files from the Dataset Overview Report, making the report easier to interpret.
🛠 Fixed an issue that caused duplicate classes to be created during an annotations import. Followed up the fix with a process that merged any duplicate classes.
🛠 Debugged our internal Model status channel to improve monitoring of active and training models.
🛠 Made a change to display the first frame of a video as the file’s thumbnail.

🛠 Fixed an issue that prevented invitations to join a V7 team from being accepted if already signed into another team. 

🛠 Fixed an issue that only allowed single characters to be typed into the name field when editing a workflow stage. 

🛠 Fixed an issue that caused tags to be removed from files between workflow stages. Identified all affected teams, notified them, and restored the missing files.

🛠 Fixed an issue that temporarily caused a small handful of files related to the issue above to become uneditable. 

🛠 Fixed an issue that caused videos that were supposed to be uploaded as individual images to be opened as regular playback videos. 

🛠 Fixed an issue that caused some annotation exports to be stuck in a Creating version status.

🛠 Fixed an issue that caused some tags to be removed when a file was sent through a consensus workflow stage.


Performance Improvements

🚀 Numerous cleanups and changes to our backend processes for faster development and smoother performance.