November 2021 Update

November 2021 Update

November 24, 2021
A series of cards from V7 Darwin

Create hanging protocols with DICOM layouts


Our latest beta feature, DICOM Layouts, gives medical teams the ability to create custom DICOM hanging protocols in three different layout types: Grid, Horizontal or Vertical.

Annotate with three new color maps

The Image Manipulation panel now includes three additional color maps to make every detail in your data perceptible: Hot, Seismic, and Paired.

Configure external storage from the UI 

Admins can now configure AWS S3, GCP, Azure Blob Storage, and MinIO integrations from Settings > Storage.

Reveal class performance through Confusion Matrix


Trained classification models now include a Confusion Matrix to help you better understand your model's performance.‍

New Features

🆕 Added support for .rvg file imports.

🆕 When deleting a class across several datasets, a notice now appears with additional controls to ensure that annotations are not deleted in error.

🆕 Archived files are now overwritten when uploading new files that contain the same filename.



🛠 Fixed an issue that prevented some labels from appearing on the image canvas.

🛠 Fixed an issue that intermittently prevented comments from appearing before a refresh of the page.

🛠 When sipping together several DICOM files, imports now support uppercase .DCM file extensions in the .zip folder.

🛠 Batch-completing files was not updating the updated_at endpoint when using the REST API to get file details.

🛠 Fixed an issue that caused annotations to be removed from the image canvas when only one image contained a tag was sent through a consensus workflow.

🛠 Fixed an issue that caused some annotations in video files to have a length of 0 frames. 

🛠 Fixed two issues which caused crashes when using specific filters in the REST API.

🛠 Fixed a bug where temporary data wasn't cleaned, causing some of our servers to run out of memory.

🛠 Fixed an issue preventing batches of files with large amounts of annotations from being bulk completed.

🛠 Fixed two issues impacting partner teams, where members of parent teams and child teams could not be added/removed from workflow stages.

🛠 Introduced a fix to prevent the import and creation of annotations on video files that contained an invalid segment length.

🛠 Fixed an issue that prevented members of a child team from seeing the datasets that they were assigned to until they refreshed the page. 

🛠 Fixed an issue that prevented tags from being applied in bulk when workflow filters were applied. 

🛠 Fixed a display issue that caused some elements to flash when assigning files.

🛠 Added a new, more descriptive error message for when a node or edge of a Keypoint Skeleton class is missing when hitting Save.

🛠 Added an empty state for the Classes page of a dataset when no classes have been added on a team level.

🛠 Fixed a small display issue which caused some elements which should have been static in the main side menu to be scrollable.  


Performance Improvements

🚀 We've added faster scaling up of our workers to improve video processing speed.

🚀 Folders and item counts now render faster in the Data page of a dataset.

🚀 Searching for classes in teams with over 1000 classes is much faster.

🚀 Curser movement in the workview has been made smoother.

🚀 Exports containing several million annotations now process in less than 20 minutes.