November 2020 Update

November 2020 Update

November 11, 2020
A series of cards from V7 Darwin

Workforce Managers

Assign one to a dataset and they'll manage it! Workforce Managers allow teams add external users to datasets without giving them User-level access to other information. V7's workforce partners can now add managers to individual datasets in a team, who are allowed to:
✅ invite & remove workers, browse dataset, assign images, set up new dataset, and edit settings
But are not allowed to:
❌ Permanently delete data, export raw image data, view team member contact details, and view any other dataset they haven't been added to.

Are you not the reading type? There's a video explanation below.

Colorful Tooling

Data should have color. We follow this design principle at V7 so users can spot data from other interface elements. All tools now reflect their selected class color when being used. Crosshairs are also more visible in greyscale images, and the appearance of points was improved.

Syncing Filters

Selections carry over between workview and dataset management! This means you can filter and sort by any parameter directly from workview, or set them in Dataset mgt and have them carried over to workview. As a result, many more filtering options were added directly within Workview.

Stage-Specific Filters

We're glad to see users taking full advantage of workflows! Some teams have as many as 10 annotation stages in their flows.
To facilitate this, we have added stage filters that allow you to only display images that are at a specific workflow stage.

Move Annotations, Points with your Keyboard

Try this:
Press TAB to cycle annotations.
Press § to cycle points
Use the Arrow Keys to move annotations or points
Hold Shift to move them faster.

This can help power users making bounding-boxes and keypoint skeletons place and edit their annotations without lifting their hands from the keyboard.


A much requested feature. You can now set the priority  of an image. A default 1-5 option is available (5 being highest) but you can also set any arbitrary number you wish.
Priority can be used in creative ways, both for task ranking, or as a sorting medium. You can sort by priority, and auto-assign by priority! Allowing you to define the queue of files to first be processed by workers.

More Features and Improvements

New Features  


The video timeline height is now adjustable! Drag its upper edge to make it taller or shorter. Frame widths are also adjustable via a slider above the timeline.


Rejection changes carry forward! Or backwards technically. When a reviewer rejects an image, any changes they applied are now saved before the image is sent back to the previous annotator for them to review and learn from.


Panning has been sped up 50%


Dropped frames no more! Improvements to video processing now make dropping/skipping frames on large/heavy videos impossible.


A new notification system now notifies of comments and replies, as well as rejections and assignments.


You can now allow or prevent workers from creating new attributes via a new toggle in Dataset>Settings.


Darwin's extracted frame files (full quality PNGs) from videos are now available for download in Darwin JSON format. This way you can train on either image stills or video files from the same export or dataset.


DICOM OT files are now supported

Performance Improvements  


Pagination was improved in workview to avoid harsh jumps in image orders.


The brush tool’s performance was significantly increased. It interpolates better and requires less compute.


Video performance on annotation-heavy data was greatly improved


Image counting was sped up, which avoids Dataset loading times being long.


The max size of JSON uploads is now larger at 32MB.



Placing a tag on a video no longer causes timeline overlaps in workview.


Archiving and deleting permissions were updated for users.


 Assigning un-uploaded items is no longer possible to avoid assignment bugs.


Fixed a bug where workers could see datasets they didn’t belong to if the dataset was open


Open datasets now show Skeletons


User avatars now display correctly in drop down menus.