May 2021 Update

May 2021 Update

May 5, 2021
A series of cards from V7 Darwin

Scan Text Automatically 

Your team will never have to manually key in text again. Use the new Text Scanner model to detect and scan the text in any of your image datasets. 


A Better Brush Tool

Any polygon being adjusted with the Brush Tool now has a dashed appearance - Making it stand out on the canvas.
You can also enter the exact pixel size needed when adjusting the the Brush Tool's tip size.

A Richer Sidebar

The Annotations menu now displays each label's author and lists all sub-annotationsthat have been added.
Text, attributes, and other sub-annotations can be added directly from the sidebar.

New Filter: Comments

Quickly filter for all files that have received feedback from your team.

Drag to Rerun Auto-Annotate

Dragging the edges of the Auto-Annotate bounding box will now trigger the modelto rerun to track objects in video.

Reset Workflow in Bulk

Send files back to a New state to restart workflow without losing any of your annotations.

New Features  

πŸ†• PDF support.
πŸ†• DICOM DIR Support.
πŸ†• Auto-stopping for models
πŸ†• The video timeline now jumps to any frames selected outside the current view.
πŸ†• No need to name a new workflow before saving.
πŸ†• Datasets are now filtered by Newest by default, and sort order is remembered.
πŸ†• New confirmation dialog to prevent unsaved changes in Dataset Settings.

Performance Improvements  

πŸš€ Removed unused counts to increase performance.
πŸš€ Sped up queries when filtering by assignee. 
πŸš€ Importing annotations is greatly sped up; more annotations can be handled at once.


πŸ›  Fixed bug preventing copy & paste in videos.
πŸ›  Fixed errors in open datasets.
πŸ›  Fixed bug preventing exports from some datasets.
πŸ›  Fixed how model stage annotations are inserted.
πŸ›  Fixed the model instance count for daily/monthly/total aggregations.
πŸ›  Fixed issue with filtering annotation classes for exports.
πŸ›  Fixed issue with restoring image endpoint.
πŸ› Fixed response error on class delete endpoint.
πŸ›  Fixed issue with credit transfer during upgrade.
πŸ›  Fixed jumping in frame when adjusting class length.
πŸ›  Setting images to new now triggers auto-start for model stages.
πŸ›  Datasets with underscores in their names now download correctly.
πŸ›  Fixed a bug which prevented datasets from loading right awayafter accepting invitations.