December 2021 Update

January 2022 Update

January 28, 2022
A series of cards from V7 Darwin

Annotate videos with audio (beta)


Do you hear that? That's the sweet sound of a new beta feature. Team, Business, and Enterprise tier accounts can now test our updated video platform in beta which includes the ability to annotate with audio. Team owners, shoot us a message at [email protected] to enable video streaming for your team. All files imported after the update will play back at full speed with audio. 

Image Settings Presets


Save DICOM windowing levels and other settings from the Image Manipulation Panel with Image Settings Presets. Quickly apply your saved settings using hotkeys and avoid having to tinker with windowing levels ever again. 

FDA Part 11 Compliance  


V7 is now compliant with the United States Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA’s) 21 CFR Part 11 regulation.

Now that V7 can prove that its annotations comply with Part 11, the FDA will accept their electronic signatures, allowing doctors to collaborate on our platform in an entirely paperless and cloud-based fashion.

Smoother video annotation


A series of updates has optimized video rendering, sped up frame load-times, and made playback and jumping to unloaded frames faster than ever.

Performance Improvements
🚀 Improved performance of color maps in the Image Manipulation panel.
🚀 Smoother panning when annotating while zoomed in.

Bug Fixes

🛠 Added a fix to ensure backend stability if unexpected data types are used as dataset IDs.
🛠 Fixed the filter parameters for workflow stage filters in the Data page.
🛠 Bulk archives no longer archive all items when an invalid filter is selected.
🛠 Fixed an error that prevented unused credits from rolling over upon upgrade in some cases.
🛠 Keypoints now respond to annotation opacity settings in the Image Manipulation panel.
🛠 Added an error message when marking files as Complete in bulk using the SDK fails.
🛠 Fixed an issue that caused exports in the Coco and Semantic Mask PNG formats to get stuck in Creating version.
🛠 Fixed an issue that caused the settings in the Image Manipulation panel to reset with each new file.
🛠 Fixed a display issue that caused text to overlap in the Plans page of the Settings menu.
🛠 Fixed an issue preventing cuboids from rendering properly in video files.
🛠 Copying annotations between two videos now copies video key frames.
🛠 Fixed an issue that prevented holding the centre mouse button from being used for panning.
🛠 Fixed an issue that caused the comment box to appear on consecutive frames.
🛠 Fixed an issue that caused DICOM files to enter an "Error" state during processing.
🛠 Fixed an issue preventing DICOM registration from external storage to fail for some files.
🛠 Fixed an issue preventing teams from accessing reports via the API.
🛠 Added negative width/height support for BMP files to prevent some files from entering an "error" state upon import.
🛠 Fixed an issue that prevented annotations from rendering when comments were present.
🛠 Fixed a display issue that caused overlap in the Classes menu.
🛠 Fixed an issue that prevented Auto Annotate from working in tiled files.
🛠 Fixed an issue that prevented subsequent frames from loading when the playhead is dropped in a sequence of unloaded frames.
🛠 Fixed an issue that prevented filter parameters from applying to the file carousel in the workview.
🛠 The keyboard shortcut for editing a polygon with Auto Annotate (Shift + N) now works (it was previously unresponsive).