August 2021 Update

August 2021 Update

August 19, 2021
A series of cards from V7 Darwin

Manage Classes at a Team-Level

All of your team's classes are stored both team-wide, and at a dataset level in the new Classes page, allowing you to easily add classes to new datasets, and manage classes across your existing projects.

See Which Frames Have Loaded

Until now, exporting image or video files from V7 was only possible if the file contained an annotation. Unlabelled files can now be exported using the CLI.

Export Unlabelled Files

Until now, exporting image or video files from V7 was only possible if the file contained an annotation. Unlabelled files can now be exported using the CLI.

Only Drag Selected Annotations 

Selected labels are now only moveable on the second click. If you've ever had to hit Ctrl+Z after accidentally moving a label out of position, this one's for you!

See Dataset Progress at a Glance

Dataset thumbnails now show how many files have been completed as a percentage and a progress bar to give you quick insights into how your projects are coming along.

Add up to 5 Class Thumbnails 

To help you and your team more easily identify when a class will apply, you can now upload 5 thumbnails from your local device.

More Features and Improvements

 New Features  
🆕DICOM imports now respect the Modality field. 
🆕Added Support for decimal frame rates.

 Performance Improvements  
🚀 Changed the structure of the annotation classes payload for a huge speed improvement when loading dense files. 
🚀 Changed the method by which classes are looked up from the frontend for additional speed improvements.


🛠Removed a redundant navigation error message that appeared when creating a new export.
🛠Fixed an issue with Auto-Annotate that prevented created polygons from being edited. 
🛠Fixed an issue that caused annotations to not render when testing a newly-trained model in the Neural Networks page. 
🛠Fixed an issue that prevented tags from appearing right away in the Classes menu within the Data page of a dataset. 
🛠Made a change to ensure that no notifications are sent to users who have turned notifications off in their user profile. 
🛠Fixed an issue that prevented images being archived under certain filter parameters.
🛠Fixed an issue that caused closing a comment to crash when a user was added to multiple stages within the same workflow. 
🛠Fixed an issue that prevented videos that were tagged during upload from exporting. 
🛠Fixed a bug that showed incorrect annotation counts on videos with unlabelled segments. 
🛠Fixed a bug that caused browser crashes if incorrect parameters were used when tagging. 
🛠Opened up the ability for Workforce Managers to manage tags within a dataset. 
🛠Fixed a slight bug that caused an error when moving from one workflow to the other.
🛠Fixed a bug that caused 500 errors when generating an export without a name. 
🛠Fixed a display issue that caused Settings to always be highlighted in the sidebar.
🛠Fixed an issue that caused subannotations (instance IDs, text, attributes) to get dropped if new attributes were added within the label timeline. 
🛠Fixed an issue that prevented Keypoint Skeleton connectors from rendering. 
🛠Exporting videos with tags that were added and then shortened used to crash of tag exports even if key frame is outside segment.
🛠Fixed an issue with Auto-Annotate that caused browser crashes when making edits on long video labels. 
🛠Made a series of performance fixes on Auto-Annotate.
🛠Fixed an issue that prevented 2FA from being added for Safari users.
🛠Fixed an issue that prevented  mostly fixed dataset class tab blocking when there are a lot of classes.
🛠Added clearer error messaging when incorrect filters are used in the API.