July 2021 Update

July 2021 Update

July 15, 2021
A series of cards from V7 DarwinA series of cards from V7 Darwin

Improved Video Sub-Annotations

Attributes, Instance IDs,andText now exist independently of key frames in the video timeline, allowing you to more easily add them to the frames to which they apply. This prevents teams labelling video from having to manually add attributes to sequences that are interrupted by a key frame

Negative Filters

Quickly determine which files do not contain specific classes. Click on a filtered tag, class,annotator, item, or workflow stage twice to exclude it from your filters.

New APIs for Registering and Uploading External Files

Paired with brand new documentation, we've released a new upload API to simplify standard uploads, as well as uploads from external storage.

Text Sub-Annotations for Tags

Add an extra language layer to your tags. All tag classes now include the ability to include text as a subannotation.

Webhook Signatures & Documentation

All webhook payloads now include a V7 signature. We've also bolstered our documentation to help you easily set up webhooks in your datasets.

Tag During Upload

One of our most asked-for features is now possible via the new API - you can now tag and import files simultaneously.

More Features and Improvements

 New Features  
🆕 CLI and REST API imports will be blocked when V7 detects that a filename already exists in the destination dataset and folder.  They will not be blocked if the file is being imported to a different folder. 

 Performance Improvements  
🚀 We've added caching to count-related endpoints to prevent high volumes of requests from impacting V7's performance. 


🛠 Fixed an issue that prevented tags from being applied under certain filter parameters in the Data page.
🛠 Importing annotations to a dataset containing duplicate tags used to fail the upload - they are now overwritten with the imported tags
🛠 Fixed a rare issue that caused hand-drawn polygons to create small polygons outside of the polygon outline.
🛠 Resolved an issue that caused an error message when a team owner added their email address to the list of invited users when creating a V7 account.
🛠Fixed a display issue that caused annotations to jump around in the Annotations sidebar.
🛠 Polybool regions with less than 3 points which were created by an error when merging and subtracting are now filtered out at export.
🛠Fixed a slight regression that temporarily impacted import speed.
🛠 Fixed an issue that caused DICOM files with a capitalized extension (.DCM) to be handled differently than files with a .dcm extension.
🛠 Workforce managers were only able to assign files to other workers. They can now assign files to themselves.
🛠 Fixed an issue that caused the timer to run in inactive tabs if they were created but not opened immediately.
🛠 Fixed an issue that prevented files from being moved and assigned when using complex filter parameters.
🛠 Dataset thumbnails were greyed out when mixing external and locally-uploaded storage. They now display normally.
🛠 Fixed an issue that prevented large .svs file uploads from tiling and processing successfully.
🛠 Fixed an issue that caused storage limits to be counted incorrectly when tagging items in the New status.
🛠Fixed an issue that caused the arrows used to navigate between video frames and video files to be unresponsive.