April 2021 Update

April 2021 Update

April 6, 2021
A series of cards from V7 Darwin

Search by Filename, Folder Name, and Annotator 

You can put Ctrl + F away for good.  Search for any item within a dataset in the Data page. No matter the size, you'll be able to retrieve any file within million-image datasets.

TIP Shift + Click  to add multiple options in your search query.

A New Report: File-Level Annotator Statistics

Download the Overview Report from the Dataset Overview page to see a breakdown of all of your images and videos, when were they added, when did labelling start, who worked on them, and for how long.

Train Neural Networks on Video Frames

You can now train models on videos whose frames are imported as individual images.

Measure Regions for Images, Video, Ultrasound, and DICOM!

Annotations now contain either pixel or millimeter measures. Click on the new Measurements button while annotating to switch these on.

Copy Filenames With a Click

Click on any item's filename to save it to your clipboard.

Reset Items to new

If you ever need to start from scratch, select all and bring entire datasets back to brand new.

Heads up! This will remove all existing annotations.

New Features  

🆕   Generate exports based on filters.

🆕   Use partial filenames when searching for items from the API.

🆕   Set up workflows to automatically start labelling items with a Model stage.

🆕   Filter by assignee for annotation tasks in previous workflows.

🆕   Quickly set up workflow stages with only team members with User permissions and above using the Any User filter.

🆕   Keep unused credits when upgrading usage tiers.

🆕  Creating a new team is now even easier.

 Performance Improvements  

🚀   Processing speeds for video after you upload are now 46x faster.

🚀   Select All load times reduced to almost nothing for large datasets.

🚀   Faster annotator filters.

🚀   Increase in size limit (8mb to 32mb) for images uploaded to the model inference section of a trained Neural Network.


🛠   Fix to reject bounding boxes with a negative width or height.

🛠   Bounding boxes render correctly on model inference page for Neural Networks.

🛠   Improved auto-Annotate performance on tiled images like SVS or ultra-high res.

🛠   Improved rendering of bounding boxes after mouse release.

🛠   Several safari-related display improvements.

🛠   Fix zoom to focus on annotation when Tab is selected.

🛠   Fix to allow for the addition of points to polygons and polylines.

🛠   Annotation centroids no longer take mouse control when creating annotations.

🛠   Model stages no longer remain stuck if the model is offline.

🛠   Multiple improvements to video playback in workview.

🛠   Fix for an issue where keypoint skeletons did not appear in the Complete stage.

🛠   Fix ordering of image carousel when items are moved to a new stage.

🛠   Fix to prevent invalid annotations from crashing exports.

🛠   Fix to prevent MONOCHROME1 DICOM images from inverting.